Who we are?

We, Claude and Georgie are two proud Aussies who have joined forces to create the world’s first instant escort website creator designed by escorts for escorts. The Escort X App is a download-free “web-based application” which was built for one purpose – to create an escort website in minutes from any device.

Georgie has many years of corporate sales experience specifically in the field of software development in the Financial Technology (FinTech) industry. She brings her expertise in marketing and software with an attention to detail to empower escorts to instantly build their own websites and market themselves online through the Escort X App.

Georgie: “I now bring my expertise to create a truly unique product to make YOU stand out from the crowd. Previously I worked in the software industry so I bring this knowledge, experience and attention to detail to ensure every part of the development process of the Escort X App tailored just for you.”

  • Even tech dummies can build a website with the escortXapp
  • You can work on your website from anywhere, computer, tablet or mobile
  • One place to manage your client base

Claude has spent over twenty years in Canada and the United States building websites for the adult industry. From adult content membership sites to, video on demand, live cam and personal escort sites. It was Claude’s idea to rather than build and maintain every private escort website individually on clumsy back end programs. To build an app so that anyone with little technological knowledge can build and maintain their own fantastic looking website.

Claude and his team of developers bring the extensive technical and design expertise it takes to create, implement and support the Escort X App.

Together we have the perfect set of skills, passion and tools to ensure you have a gorgeous, up to date website to massively expand your client base.

We are both available via email, please contact them with any questions you may have!

Georgie (gg)

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